This is the WeatherSTEM Portal for Putnam County, Florida

These are the active WeatherSTEM sites for Putnam County, Florida:

Jenkins Middle School
Current temperature: 64.2 °F
1100 North 19th Street, Palatka, FL 32177, USA

PCEM Bostwick Fire Station
Current temperature: 64.7 °F
111 Mulberry St, Palatka, FL 32177, USA

PCEM Hollister
Current temperature: 64.8 °F
812 Hunter Rd, Palatka, FL 32177, USA

PCEM Melrose
Current temperature: 64.6 °F
Richardson Ln, Melrose, FL 32666, USA

PCEM Middleton Burney
Current temperature: 65.0 °F
1020 Huntington Rd, Crescent City, FL 32112, USA

PCEM Q.I. Roberts
Current temperature: 64.7 °F
901 FL-100, Florahome, FL 32140, USA

PCEM San Mateo
Current temperature: 64 °F
142-210 Central Ave, San Mateo, FL 32187, USA

PCEM Welaka State Forestry Center
Current temperature: 64.9 °F
700-786 Co Rd 309, Crescent City, FL 32112, USA

Putnam County Emergency Services
Current temperature: 64.1 °F
410 South State Road 19, Palatka, FL 32177, USA

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